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Audio Analogue expands its PureAA series with AAdac

Audio Analogue expands its PureAA series with AAdac
(Image credit: Audio Analogue)

Audio Analogue’s PureAA line – born out of its 2016-launched, 20th anniversary amplifiers a couple of years ago – is now three-strong thanks to the introduction of the AAdac.

Joining the AAcento integrated amplifier and AAphono pre-amp, the AAdac, err, DAC is founded on a 32-bit/768kHz digital-to-analogue converter (based on the renowned Sabre ES9038 chip) and supports 32bit/392KHz PCM and DSD12 playback.

There are USB, optical, coaxial (two) and AES/EBU digital inputs in addition to aptX Bluetooth support and a headphone output. Seven digital filters are onboard, and a volume regulated mode allows it to operate as a preamplifier.

Audio Analogue has worked hard to create an analogue-like sonic character, and to that end each discrete component in the digital and analogue sections has its own separate power supply. The digital stage is fully balanced, too.

The Audio Analogue AAdac is available now, in black or silver, priced £3299.

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