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Loewe Connect 42 review

This PVR television has many strong points, although the price-tag may put a few people off Tested at £2600.00

Our Verdict

Plenty of substance to back up the 'premium product' pretensions, but still, an expensive option


  • Good looks, fine ergonomics
  • quite dynamic sound
  • splendid TV reception and recording


  • Can sound a bit shouty at high volumes
  • even at this level of performance it seems pricey

We tested a 37in Loewe Connect a while ago. As well as the extra five inches of screen, this year's model is packing Loewe's 100Hz processing, an integrated 320GB hard-disk drive and a stylish new stand.

It's got the regulation three HDMI inputs, a couple of USB 2.0 slots and a contrast sensor to help the screen, theoretically, maintain optimum image quality.

Thanks to easy-to-follow menus with legible fonts, the Loewe is easy to use. It's easy on the eye, too: 1920 x 1080p/24fps pictures enjoy a natural colour balance, fine detail and impressive contrasts.

Motion is handled deftly in all but the most trying scenes and, while the Loewe isn't the last word for outright black levels, it delivers good detail in dark scenes.

Excellent Freeview images
It's a similar story when the screen is upscaling DVD pictures. Detail, contrast and movement all impress. And the set scores very highly for TV reception – few screens receive a Freeview picture as convincingly stable.

Recording quality is faithful to original broadcasts, which makes the Connect a worthwhile PVR too.

Loewe is proud of the sound the set makes and, by TV standards it sounds expansive and dynamic, helped by a claimed 40 Watts per channel of power. But it can be strident at volume, and this shoutiness is wearing over time.

A fine effort, then. The fifth star has gone missing thanks to the unabashed pricing. Look at our 'also consider' selections, right, to see where better value lies.

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