Loewe set to produce its own OLED TV panels in Germany

Loewe OLED production plant with various mechanical tools and a large panel in the foreground
(Image credit: Loewe)

High-end TV manufacturer Loewe has announced the opening of an OLED panel production plant in its home town of Kronach, Germany. The century-old TV brand is promoting its "Engineered & Made in Germany" message, with the aim of having a hand in every step of its OLED TV production process.

Unsurprisingly, Loewe isn't manufacturing OLED panels entirely from scratch, but it is taking the apparently unique approach of buying the OLED glass and 'open cell components'  from an unnamed Korean OLED display vendor (no points for guessing who it might be). Most brands, we're told, buy the full OLED assembly (usually from the same vendor, one presumes).

Loewe says the intention here is to be able to further customise panel performance and allow the brand to 'readily adapt to market conditions' and 'proactively integrate customer feedback'. 

As of May 2024, Loewe claims that everything from the design to the software development and final assembly of its TVs will take place in Kronach, with an even greater emphasis on the brand's heritage and links to the area. While it might be easy to visualise a large-scale production plant, Loewe's relatively compact and dedicated workforce of 200 employees will play an integral part in the OLED panel production.

Loewe assures us that every step of the manufacturing process will be completed with precision equipment and strict testing procedures to ensure 'absolute perfection down to the finest details'.


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