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Best record player deals 2020: tempting turntable offers

Whether you're looking for your first budget record player or are a long-standing vinyl fan hankering after a more premium turntable, there's almost certainly a deal with your name on it.

From entry-level decks at budget prices to more premium offerings delivering serious levels of sound quality, there are plenty of turntable deals to check out.

You can choose from turntables with integrated speakers, wireless Bluetooth turntables, and even portable record players. 

Here's our pick of the best turntable deals you can get, featuring the likes of Lenco, Pro-Ject and Sony.

Some could be considered early Black Friday deals but we're sure to get more savings on and around the big day. And don't forget about Cyber Monday. We'll be keeping a close eye on record player prices over the coming weeks so you're guaranteed the best deals.

Audio-Technica AT-LP3 £199 £149 at Currys
The AT-P3 is an automatic turntable which makes it a fuss-free entry-level option but it's also easily upgraded. Now available with a tidy £50 discount.View Deal

Pro-Ject Essential III £329 £239 at Exceptional AV
Blessed with an enjoyable and exciting sound, this is another top-class turntable from Pro-Ject and a great entry-level option for vinyl enthusiasts.View Deal

Pro-Ject T1 £239 £229 at AV Online
For the money, and with the help of this £40 saving, there's little to grumble about here. The Pro-Ject T1comes fully set-up and ready spin. All you need to do is drop a record on the platter.View Deal

Lenco L-85 £140 £100 at Amazon
Great features and user-friendly operation make this Lenco the best budget plug-and-play turntable we’ve come across. Now with £50 off, it's the perfect way to kick-start a vinyl addiction.View Deal

Sony PS-HX500 £400 £299 at Sevenoaks
Want to rip vinyl to hi-res? Of course you do. This entertaining turntable has that ability, sounds great while it's doing so and these days is a serious bargain.View Deal

The best deals on the best turntables

Want the best record player at your chosen price point? Below you'll see all our favourite, five-star turntables, and where you can find the cheapest price on each one.