Which Roku TV should you buy?

TCL 55RP620K
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Roku TVs are an excellent choice for those looking for a deal. Roku TVs offer excellent value, with some very decent screen sizes for very little outlay. They bring a superb operating system packed with all the apps you could need and they also have some pretty darned impressive picture performance from the Roku TVs that we've reviewed.

The good news is that, at present, there aren't that many UK Roku TVs to choose from and all the ones we've tested have been stone-cold, five-star killers. It should just be a question of which size, model and price suits your needs best.

Take a look at our run down of the Roku TVs available in the UK right now – and our brief explanation of all things Roku – to find out which Roku TV you should buy and, in fact, whether a Roku TV is what you should buy in the first place.

Should you buy a Roku TV?

Roku is one of the most popular TV streaming platforms in the US, and the brand's popularity is growing in Europe as more Roku hardware is launched and new features are added. And this is good news, because the Roku OS is one of the best. 

Roku TVs combine low cost 4K HDR TV hardware with that Roku OS. In other words, they're low cost TVs with the Roku system built-in. For the UK, there are just three Roku TV ranges – two from Hisense and one from TCL – all available in a variety of panel sizes (43in - 65in) for £299 - £499.

The beauty is that each has the exact same, easy-to-use Roku OS built-in and that means access to apps you know and love, such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Apple TVDisney+, Now, DAZN, BT Sport, YouTube, Rakuten, Sky Store, Britbox and all the TV catch-up services.

There are also tonnes and tonnes of more niche channels to explore as well as free premium content on the Roku Channel. The choice is truly impressive and it comes with an excellent search function to make finding your next favourite film or TV show very easy indeed.

Sold? OK then. Which Roku TV should you buy?

Should you buy a Hisense Roku TV?

In the last few years Hisense has made its mark on the world as a purveyor of good value, budget TVs. It was also the first company to bring Roku TVs to the UK.

Currently, the company has not one but two Hisense Roku TV lines available to buy in the UK exclusively at Argos and both have received What Hi-Fi? five star reviews and even a What Hi-Fi? Award too.

Should you buy a Hisense A7200GTUK?

Hisense R50A7200GTUK

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The Hisense A7200GTUK Roku TV range is the 2021 follow-up to the hugely successful B7120s from 2020. It's even better than before, so much so that we named the 50in Hisense R50A7200GTUK the best 48-50in TV at less than £1000 in the 2021 What Hi-Fi? Awards.

The Hisense A7200GTUK series are all 4K HDR LED TVs available in 43in, 50in, 55in and 65in sizes exclusively at Argos.

Hisense R50A7200GTUK 4K HDR Roku TV £399 at Argos

Hisense R50A7200GTUK 4K HDR Roku TV £399 at Argos
This Award-winning 50-inch TV is a genuine bargain even at full price. With good blacks, bold colours, plenty of punch and the excellent Roku OS, you simply won't find better at this price. Also available in: 43-inch: £329 / 55-inch: £429 / 65-inch: £549

There's so much bang for buck available here with its bold, colourful picture, excellent upscaling abilities and that terrific Roku app selection. It all depends which size meets your needs best.

This range gets a definite thumbs up from us. If you see a good Hisense A7200GTUK deal that looks right for you, then don't hesitate to pull the trigger.

Best Hisense Roku TV deals

Should you buy a Hisense 7120UK?

The Hisense 7120UK was launched in 2020 as the very first set of Roku TVs for the UK and while most of the models have sold out, at the time of writing it's still possible to pick up the 55-inch Hisense R55B7120UK at Argos for £375 at Argos.

Hisense R55B7120UK 55in 4K HDR Roku TV £479

Hisense R55B7120UK 55in 4K HDR Roku TV £479 £375 at Argos
This 2020 TV avoids all of the classic pitfalls of budget TVs (motion issues, for example) and offers a performance that never detracts from the on-screen drama.

While this is still an excellent TV, we'd be looking for a big price difference between this and the 2021 model, the Hisense R55A7200GTUK, before we say it's worth going for the older version instead.

At the timing of writing the price difference is just £55. Should that gap open up to something closer to £80, then it's well worth considering. Feature-wise, there's almost no difference at all.

Should you buy a TCL Roku TV?

TCL is the second company to hit the UK with a Roku TV. This time a Currys exclusive, the TCL RP620K is the name to look out for. And, like the Hisense TVs, the good news is that the TCL RP620K has also received a What Hi-Fi? five-star review rating for its 55-inch model.

Should you buy a TCL RP620K TV?

TCL 55RP620K

(Image credit: TCL)

TCL Roku TVs finally arrived in the UK in 2021 after several successful years across The Pond. The five-star-reviewed TCL 55RP620K and friends are at the tip of that spear. 

It’s a 4K HDR TV range that sits firmly in the affordable category of TVs but with something one step closer to mid-range than the Hisenses – a greater bit-depth in terms of colour processing and Dolby Vision support too.

For those after an app-happy and exceedingly user-friendly experience, this line of Roku TVs is another excellent choice.

TCL 55RP620K 55in 4K Dolby Vision Roku TV £450

TCL 55RP620K 55in 4K Dolby Vision Roku TV £450 £379 at Currys
This Dolby Vision-enabled Roku TV is something of a bargain with a big chunk chopped off the original price. No motion processing but a very sophisticated picture performance.

The TCL RP620K deals have brought the price of TCL's TV right down in line with the Hisense A7200GTUK range and that makes for some very difficult decisions. These are both terrific TVs.


Roku's smart platform is easy to recommend and it's a very easy win when combined with both the Hisense and TCL hardware that carries it in the UK. You get all the apps and services you could need, great picture performance and a very easy-to-use experience. If you're interested in buying a Roku TV in the UK, then you've already won.

Deciding between the Hisense A7200GTUK and the TCL RP620K is the only difficult part. If prices are equal, then it's a real toss-up. The Hisense is a little punchier and better for dark detail but the TCL has a more complex colour palette and comes with the bonus Dolby Vision HDR. Ultimately, you won't go wrong with either.

The best advice we can give is to pick up a well-priced soundbar to accompany whichever you buy. Both could do with a lift on the audio side. Those low prices don't quite pay for everything.

And if a new TV is out of the question, then don't forget that you can add Roku OS and all its apps to any TV you already own by purchasing a Roku streaming stick to plug into an HDMI socket. For affordable 4K HDR performance, it's the Roku Express 4K (£25). To add Dolby Vision content, try the Roku Streaming Stick 4K (£50).

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