Roku has announced a slew of updates to help you find what to watch next

Roku TV
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Roku TV has announced some user-friendly features in a new ‘What to Watch’ section, including ‘Recommendations’, ‘Save Lists’, and ‘Continue Watching’.

These features are all designed with the aim of assisting users in finding and keeping track of more suitable TV shows and movies than before. 

Roku says that the 'Recommendations' section in its new ‘What to Watch’ feature will offer users a better recommendation experience than currently available directly via streaming apps. Roku aims to provide fewer options with more accuracy. The company says it will be offering personalised suggestions based on what you’ve watched previously, as well as location-based factors, time of day, and which device you are using. 

New ‘Save Lists’ and ‘Continue Watching’ features also look to improve users’ overall experience. As the name suggests, the ‘Save List’ feature will allow users to save shows and movies to be conveniently watched later. 

‘Continue Watching’ will keep track of where you are in a show or a movie, even if you started watching something directly in a streaming service rather than via the Roku TV Home Screen. At present, anything added to your ‘Save List’ must be done via the Roku TV Home Screen and not external apps. 

Of course, the success of a recommendation engine such as this relies on it bringing in content from all the major streaming services.

Roku has confirmed the lineup of compatible streaming services at launch will include Apple TV, Channel 4, Discovery+, Disney, ITVX, My5, Netflix, Plex, Prime Video, STV, The Roku Channel, and UKTV in ‘Recommendations’. 

Discovery+, Disney, Plex, Prime Video, Netflix, and The Roku Channel will be compatible with ‘Continue Watching’ at launch, with more services to follow. 

Roku has announced the new features will be coming to all of its devices that still receive update support, and that the new features will roll out to Roku players in the coming weeks, and to Roku TVs in the coming months.


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