Should you buy a new 4K TV on Amazon Prime Day?


Should you buy a Toshiba TV?

Take a look at Amazon's best-selling TVs and you'll see the top four spots are occupied by Toshiba. So it's a fair bet we may see Prime Day deals on Toshiba TVs. So should you buy one? The Toshiba brand reappeared in Europe last year, after a deal with Turkish electronics giant Vestel. Vestel also owns the Finlux TV brand but now it's hoping the Toshiba name will help it compete when it comes to premium 4K TVs.

The good news? We reviewed the Toshiba 49U7763DB last year, a budget 4K TV, and were impressed with what we saw. It delivered a natural, detailed picture, an easy-to-use interface, and access to iPlayer, Netflix and YouTube. A solid four-star TV. On sale now at £469, it's one to look out for in the Prime Day sale.

Our verdict: We wouldn't be put off should a Toshiba TV Prime deal come along. Check for feature support, especially on cheaper models, as the likes of HDR and 4K iPlayer aren't a given, but otherwise there's a fair chance they will offer decent value.

What about a Hisense TV?

Another less well-known TV brand taking up a fair amount of real estate on Amazon is Hisense. The electronics brand is owned by the Chinese government - and has the investment and revenue numbers to show for it. The brand is making a big play for the UK market and is a prime target (sorry) for a Prime Day discount. So are Hisense TVs worth buying?

From our experience, Hisense is something of a mixed bag. The 2017 Hisense H50N6800 packed all the necessary specs - 4K, HDR and the company's own ULED screen technology - but was let down by an average picture for the price. We'd want a fair chunk off the £499 price tag before we recommended it over rivals.

Previously, both the budget 4K Hisense 55K321 and the premium 65in Hisense 65XT910 were no better than average - both scored three stars. Only the really cheap Hisense TVs, such as the 32M2600 (which is under £200) have proved better value.

Our verdict: We wouldn't be in a hurry to recommend a 4K Hisense TV unless you see an almighty discount this Prime Day. The exception comes in the form of the super-cheap, small TVs. If you see a small Hisense TV reduced yet further in the Prime sales, it will likely be something of a bargain. And that leads us on to our next point...

Cheap and cheerful

Unlike bigger screen TVs, when it comes to super-cheap, compact TVs, perhaps for a bedroom or second room, Amazon Prime Day could well be the perfect time to buy. We'd imagine most people are prepared to be a little less discerning when it comes to a smaller TV, and it tends to be harder to go wrong in terms of performanc with a 32in or smaller HD set.

We'd still recommend looking out for big-name brands, such as LG, Philips, Samsung and Sony, and running your eye over some of our recent budget TV reviews first. You're unlikely to be worrying about 4K resolution, HDR video or HDMI 2.1, so instead it's more important to check your streaming services of choice are supported and that it has the connections you require.

Our verdict: Prime Day could be the perfect time to bag a cheap, small TV for a second room.

The problem with older TVs

Bagging a five-star product from an older range can be a great way to get a bargain. Head over to our TV Awards page and you can scroll through the winners from the last five years to see if any are on offer. But there can be a catch.

The pace of technological change, and TV companies' desire to sell us all new TVs, mean the feature set required to watch the best quality content is constantly changing. The recent 4K iPlayer trials for the World Cup are the perfect example - plenty of 2016 TVs weren't supported, let alone older sets. Furthermore, support for HDR or even the latest version of streaming apps, such as Netflix, aren't a given on old TVs. Suddenly that Prime Day discount may not seem quite as big a bargain.

Our verdict: You might get a lot of screen for your money, but if you want to keep apace with the latest tech, older TV models can be risky. Buyer beware.

Is it a good time to buy a TV?

The good news? It's a pretty good time to buy a TV generally. The new 2018 televisions are in stores, meaning if you want to be bang up to date, you can be. The odds of getting a discount on any of these on Prime Day is pretty slim, however.

However, the knock-on effect of these new TVs is fresh discounts on 2017 models. While (as mentioned above) you have to be wary buying older sets, last year's best TVs should tick all the spec boxes for a while yet. Last year's best-in-class LG OLED55B7V is down from £3000 to £1200 right now, while the equally impressive Philips POS9002 is down from £2000 to £1499. Fingers crossed for similar bargains on Prime Day.

There's always something around the corner, from new models to new tech or just yet another sale - but if you want a new TV, it's certainly worth keeping an eye out on Prime Day.


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