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7 of the best Sonos accessories to buy right now

7 of the best Sonos accessories to buy right now

After 15 years in the multi-room space, Sonos remains one of the most accomplished audio companies around. Its approach to multi-room music makes it the best in the business - straightforward to set up, with unrivalled access to streaming services and good sound quality on top.

That doesn't mean they can't be tweaked and bettered. Whether you’ve got the small Sonos Play:1, a pair of Play:5s or a Beam sitting under the television, the following accessories can get even more out of your speakers.

Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home Mini

If you’ve got a Sonos One or the Beam, then you’ll already have Amazon’s Alexa voice control built into your system (with Google Assistant coming later in the year). But for those that don’t, the tiny Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini provide two great functions.

The first is most obvious: voice control. The connection between Amazon’s Dot and Sonos’ devices means you can use Alexa voice control you get music playing in a specific room, discover new products or adjust volume. We expect Google’s voice assistant will have similar capabilities.

The second benefit is Bluetooth, one of the major omissions to Sonos’ line. But a connected Home Mini or Echo Dot speaker (through the line-in port) means you can blast music from your phone over Bluetooth to your multi-room system easily.

A Spotify (or Tidal, Apple Music, Deezer or Amazon Music) subscription

Some have a wide array of music stored meticulously on a music server. For everyone else, there are streaming services - and Sonos works with nearly all of them.

No matter what you choose - Spotify for its price, Tidal for its sound quality or Apple Music for its curation (and because you’re an iPhone user) - the Sonos app will integrate it and let you play any track anywhere in your home.

Flexson illuminating charging stand

You could just put your Sonos Play:1 on the table; but you should put it on one of these nifty stands from Flexson.

Whether your music is blasting from your bedside, kitchen or desk, this stand gives you the benefit of two USB power outlets (for charging smartphones, tablets, and so forth) and a dimmable light with touch controls for ambient light.

Sonos Connect:Amp

If you’ve already got a pair of passive speakers you want to connect into your Sonos system, then you’re definitely going to want the Connect:Amp. Able to provide 55W per channel at eight ohms of resistance, you can add your non-connected speakers into your wireless setup.

With the RCA input you could hook a record player up and play your vinyl through your Sonos system. Great turntables such as the Audio Technica AT-LP3 or the Rega Planar 1 mean your record collection can still be a part of the modern multi-room system.

Optical Audio Adaptor for Beam

Sonos’ latest soundbar, the Beam, is one of the most interesting products on the hi-fi market - it's a soundbar with Alexa built in, Siri support and it can tap into the company’s multi-room features.

But if you’ve got too many HDMI connections going into your television yet still want the Beam, you might want to pick up an Optical Audio Adaptor so you can use the optical port on your TV with the soundbar.

Sonos Boost

Wi-fi extenders are good, but the Sonos Boost is better. If your wireless signal can’t quite extend throughout your house and your Sonos sound is suffering, then this sub-£100 gadget is what you’re looking for.

Rather than carrying all wireless signals, the Boost creates a network that works solely with Sonos kit - so the prospect of interference from other devices becomes a thing of the past. Connect it to your router via an Ethernet port, and you’re away.

Apple HomePod

OK, it’s for hardcore Apple fans only, but the HomePod is the best-sounding smart speaker out there - trumping Sonos’ own One when it comes to sound quality.

And since the HomePod also supports AirPlay 2 and Apple Music, you can easily stream your tracks from your iPhone to your other Sonos speakers.