MP3 players


£ 115

Ultra-portable, sounds superb but still a tad pricey

£ 30

Comes in a choice of colours and has shake controls, but sound quality puts us off

£ 40

Looks good on paper but fails to deliver

£ 39

Apple's Shuffle is back in a user-friendly format that marks a return to form from the unsuccessful third generation player

£ 160

The new Apple nano is an improvement on the old in some ways, but it's not the all-rounder that we'd like it to be

£ 100

With its deeply no-frills design, we'd expect the HiSound PDAA-1 to have a full and detailed sound, but as it is it's no audiophile's treat

£ 120

This smart little Sony is the best non-Apple portable device we've seen - even beating the all-powerful Nano in some key areas

£ 90

This Archos certainly has potential, but the poor useability of its interface means we really can't recommend it

£ 140

It's larger then your average MP3 player, and there are a few foibles for sure, but we really like this classy design from Philips

£ 100

Cowon's iAudio 9 is a nippy little MP3 player that does much right - unfortunately, pitted against the Apple iPod nano it just doesn't shine