£ 435

There's much to admire in this amazingly small movie subwoofer

£ 295

It may be sizeable, but the Impact-10 lacks much needed control compared to rivals in the same class

£ 300

Tannoy serves up a winner here, with its TS-10 subwoofer. It's compact and agile, with great definition. What more could you want?

£ 312

The Audioengine S8 is an elegantly finished box that goes loud, but there's a definite flabbiness to the bass notes

£ 300

This B&W ASW608 dinky subwoofer turns in a fast, lively and punchy delivery

£ 200

This subwoofer offers decent depth and weight, with a knockdown price tag that will appeal to those on a budget

£ 700

B&W's new ASW610XP subwoofer may be compact, but it delivers a mighty punch

£ 550

The BSA's W10 subwoofer might be exotic in origin, but it's positively pedestrian against the bigger names

£ 365

Velodyne's Impact-12 is good enough to earn five stars and is ideal for many buyers

£ 500

Plenty of plus-points in both looks and sound, but there are more meticulous subs around