Hi-fi amplifiers


£ 330

This is an amp we so wanted to like, but it’s consistently out-pointed by rivals

£ 500

The Audiolab 8000S is still a decent amplifier, but it's no longer the class-leader it once was

£ 500

Receives a highly respectable four-star verdict, but we had hoped for much more

£ 350

Still a great amp, but not quite as good as its younger brother, the £100 cheaper (and remote-less) RA-04

£ 5500

This Pathos delivers a sincere sense of the music being ‘alive’

£ 2975

Many an established high-end company would blush with shame at the standards set by this Italian manufacturer

£ 1595

A supremely musical amp, but stereo-imaging fans should look elsewhere

£ 1000

Give this amplifier a listen if you like precise, unflappable sound

£ 1455

This Pathos still isn’t as rounded as its pricier siblings

£ 1000

A beautifully built, stylish, and capable amp it might be, but its overall character might prove a little too polite for some