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Cygnett-Unison i-TS

Tested at £180

Good on paper, not so hot in practice

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  • Novel design
  • FM/AM tuner
  • alarm clock
  • remote control


  • Poor sound
  • substandard finish

If you don't have a desktop to hand, or would rather save on table space, the Cygnett Unison i-TS might be the answer. At least that's what we thought…

The execution of this 82cm tall floorstander leaves a little to be desired. Edges are rough and neither the unit itself nor the rubber control buttons inspire.

Sonically, it's sadly not much to shout about either, though the treble puts up a fight, shouting its wares all too enthusiastically.

Lacks the bass its size promises
Despite the size of the tower, there's not the bass depth or power we'd hoped for either.

Tone controls allow you to try and rectify this, but increasing the bass volume predictably hinders rather than helps the quality on offer.

Beaten for pure sound performance by cheaper desktop models and offering a slipshod finish, the Cygnett Unison i-TS tower simply doesn't stand-up to close scrutiny.

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