Sony says "no plans" to bring 4K Media Player to UK

7 Jul 2013

Sony says it has "no plans" to bring the 4K Ultra HD Media Player to the UK or Europe following the launch of the 4K Media Player in the US later this month.

The 4K server, which comes packed with ten 4K films and promises to be kept fully-loaded with Ultra HD content via the Sony Video Unlimited 4K service, is due on sale in the US for $699 on July 15th.

The Sony FMP-X1 box has a 2TB hard disk and will be able to acces 4K movie downloads, available for $7.99 for a 24-hour rental or $30 to buy.

However, speaking at Wimbledon 2013, where Sony showcased its 4K broadcast technology and filmed tennis in 4K for the first time, Paul Gyles, head of home entertainment at Sony, confirmed Sony had "no plans" to bring the 4K server or download service to the UK or Europe, simply stating it was "US only".

Pressed on whether there were content issues in the UK or whether Sony thought there wasn't the demand or network structure, Gyles remained tight-lipped.

Sony was however bullish about its 4K TV line-up, highlighting the success of the Sony 84in 4K TV in the custom install market and the fact that it's first to market with 55in and 65in 4K TVs. (You can read our review of the Sony 65in 4K TV right now.)

Having filmed 4K content at the Confederations Cup football tournament last month, Sony again trialled 4K at Wimbledon. While Sony wouldn't confirm the next 4K live trial, more sport looks likely to be on the agenda. Ashes cricket, anyone?

While clearly 4K content availablility remains an issue, Sony was keen to stress its better placed than any company to offer a complete solution from"lens to the living-room", thanks is camera, production and distribution, through to its 4K digital cinemas and 4K TVs and projectors.

In better news, Sony confirmed it would offer full support to all Sony 4K TV buyers who buy first-gen 4K TVs, should there be any later changes to the 4K TV standard. The issue centres around a potential new 4K video standard, which wouldn't be compatible with existing 4K TVs' HDMI 1.4 inputs.

Gyles said: "Sony 4K  sets are future-proofed. Customers are our number one priority and Sony will provide all the necessary solutions to the 4K TV owner to access future 4K content services once they start in respective TV markets."

For now, we'll have to settle for Mastered in 4K Blu-ray titles, anyway...

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by Joe Cox

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Replying to

I don't think that you are knowledgeable about the subject whomever youare or think you are.

I, am too lazy to check but, we in the UK are told that Europe has a larger market than the USA.

America probably has the largest National Debt than any other country in the world, bailed out probably ironically by principally communist countries; Japan and China.

USA is like the Titanic - the only problem is if the USA sinks than probably Capitalism will sink with it, which USA would like us to believe.

I personally would let it sink, listening to hype by idiots like you.


I also think that the credit crunch in the world was actually caused by the USA, which is why at least one of your bankers is being prosecuted in the USA - Opening up a can of worms.


Perhaps you should check your facts properly, and state how much money American firms are making from selling products and services to Europe before talking complete balderdash (nonsense) - Your unemployment would be much, much, higher especially if also; China and Japan also call in their I Owe You.


Talking about nonsense it is obvious that you don't have a clue about future products including 4K OLED TVs:


I, haven't verified but I would take the attitude that it is impossible to upgrade obsolete LED to; OLED or Holographic Technology let alone super Ultra HD (too lazy to check the correct technology's title) Sharpe's 8K Technology.

Changed my mind:

Super Hi-Vision video equipment was developed and supplied by Japanese broadcaster NHK:

There are millions of people in the UK who could buy a 4K TV if they wanted one!

Has USA rebuilt New Orleans yet or is it still awaste land?


Buying usually the first generation of any technical product is usually a waste of money - e.g. HDMI 2.0 not available yet.

Sony saw the USA coming - Use USA as guinea pigs (perfecting the product) for the UK and Europe.

Pioneer 747 was probably the first DVD player to play virtually any retail DVD disc without problems - years later after the first DVD marketed.


I haven't verified it but, it appears that Sony is working on the 2nd generation of 4K - probably because HDMI 2.0 version is required.


How often has any manufacturer usually upgraded the hardware to the next generation free of charge, because it is rare, whether inside or especially outside warranty? It is usually cheaper to buy a new product then to upgrade if e.g. Sony would upgrade TVs.

I am rusty but, I cannot remember once when an HDMI verion in a product could be upgraded when the next version of HDMI was agreed and marketed, because also software and hardware have to be changed. So what proof does z058261 have that Sony will upgrade free of charge and where will Sony get the money from because the cupboard is virtually bare?

I think that about every 6 months computer processors are improved - besides other components.

Since, you are such an expert have you got it in writing how often Sony will improve hardware and software free of charge to the latest standard for the life of the TV including collection and delivery parts and labour (I, obviously live in England, UK)?

I didn't think so, because Sony would definitely be bankrupt sooner rather than later - Have you heard about the war between Sony and Panasonic versus Samsung and LG being an expert also?


I don't think that any person should buy Sony products in the; UK and Europe until we get the same 4K TV Package deal as the USA.


Why should any person who could afford to buy a Sony 4K TV buy one, when the americans can get a free; server (computer) and ten films?


Ten films and a server etcetera is better than nothing and subsidizing Americans.


I just think it is a cheek!

A viable purchase even for bluray upscaling 4k.. If hdmi 2 on future 4k televisons support 60hz, it is not clear if movies will be on that frequency, so no need to wait for hdmi 2 equiped sets,

If it is a choice between this 4k set or a plasma panasonic zt 65, it could be a tough choice for the Sony with no true 4k media at moment.    

The world market is seen in continents. Europe is in no shape to recieve this expensive entertainment offering.

'No plans' to release the 4k media server in Europe does not mean 'Never', but unless there are good reasons to and I cannot see why there would be in the next 3 years?

4K TV sales could not increase with the lack of 4k movie download home support; the alleged change in Hdmi standards for 4k will be less of an incentive for earlier adopters of 4k sets.  However, Sony could release a upgrade kit to cater for changes like the samsung evol plug in box as seen in their range of TV.

There is no chance that the current x9 series would not work fully in the future with what ever changes are made to interconnect interfaces. Besides, as the sets are LEDs that area of improvement is now at the nth degree and so the 2nd gen would not be that much better. 

I have said on record that Cinema 4k or Imax is the ultimate movie experience rather than 2k TV and bluray at home.

Sony has launched the 4k TV recognising that the set can be used for other entertainment purposes.Many will find it difficult to understand the logic.It is probably Sony trying to hold on that 4k market in the UK rather than vacate it for other stalking horses.

It is not good news as been said already for 4k's future in the Europe. It is all down to money and the  the audience in question .With 3D not been well recieved does not help the 4k cause  one bit as there now would now be greater added expense for a new TV experience that many could live without as they could live without 3D.





Even the 2TB "server" content not destined for the UK is quite a pitiful offering. 10 films preloaded? Hardly seems worth bothering in the first place. 

I appreciate that this might be for the 'money is no object' market, but the lack of content doesn't make any sense. Its not as if this is some early-adopters niche either - there are billions invested in this. 

I'm sure it'll pick up eventually since unlike 3D, this actually makes sense for large screens. Hopefully there is some sensible long term stratergy. 

It is daft releasing a 4k TV until HDMI 2 is standardized. I have no idea what Sony mean by "future-proofed" - as far as I can tell there is no guarantee that the X series will work with even imminent 4k standards. Samsung might be able to make such a case even with a lower res panel being at least able to receive the signal (if not display all the detail) as they have a swappable HDMI input board. My wallet is going to stay shut until HDMI 2 is defined, implemented and available. 


Sony been the only Far East entertainment company to own a Western Hollywood motion picture company, it aways had complete control over content delivery of 4k films to the home any where in the world and wrong footed critics mainly from the plasma obsessed lads believing that Sky had to start the ball rolling? Sky do not make drama or motion picture media content!  Sporting venues would never be enough as  a  4k stable diet. We have seen 4k cinema we need 4k home cinema in between the big screen experience.

Europe is in the dumps can we blame Sony for looking for cash rich  US/Asian subscribers for its 4k media delivery. Bad news for the UK TV guys will have little to write about in the future.

It is an exciting time for TV but not here.UK TV industry RIP.







No point buying until a standard is agreed. These tvs wil be out of date so quick anyone buying would be foolish to buy at this point.....

no HDMI support at present, no disc format., no streaming service- oh and how big would a file be to download? that will be my broadband limit for the month..... 


yes they look fantastic in the shops but not when you get them home....


Not knowing much about video standards, would it have been too much to fit the panels with usb 3.0 slots and provide a multi terabyte external hard drive with proprietary drm controlled 4k content for a set that costs several thousand pounds?

Bit of a joke really, buy a 4K panel but there'll be nothing native to watch on it nor likely to be for some time.

This begs the question. What is the point in buying a 4k tv in the UK until the 4k standard is agreed, after which there will be mainstream content available? None unless I have missed something??