Listen to a selection of our favourite tunes and test tracks on our Spotify and Tidal playlists for 2016, updated every month with new tracks.

If you want an idea of what we've been listening to over the last month or so, then check out our What Hi-Fi? playlist on Spotify and also on Tidal. Subscribe to the playlists and you'll never miss an update...

It's a sample of some of the tunes we've been using to test with and generally enjoying, all wrapped up neatly in a playlist.

The Awards 2016 issue, on sale from October 18th, is the definitive word on the very best hi-fi and home entertainment kit you can buy. 102 winners in 27 categories, all shapes, sizes and prices covered. If it's buying advice you want, you've come to the right place.

And as an audio accompaniment to a riveting read, this issue's playlist is an absolute barnstormer. 20 tracks of whack, to a lesser or greater extent, with storming contributions from the likes of Solange, Cocteau Twins, Patti Smith and Frank Ocean. There's even a tune by some fly-by-nights called U2. All killer, no filler.


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LISTEN: What Hi-Fi? Spotify playlist 2016

LISTEN: What Hi-Fi? Tidal playlist November 2016