KEF unveils new C Series entry-level speaker range

23 Jul 2008

KEF C Series
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Following the success of the Q Series, KEF Audio has announced the September release of the C Series. The range includes two floor-standers, the C5 (£400) and the C7 (£480), plus two bookshelf speakers, the C1 (£140) and the C3 (£180).

Also part of the series is the two-way C6 L/C/R speaker, (£150), and while our press release features an image of a subwoofer, there are no further details on that as yet.

The speakers use an "internally braced cabinet and dense, two-layer front baffle system" alongside the familiar 19mm 'Tangerine' waveguide for high frequencies as seen on the latest Q range.

Ease of use and flexibility are said to be central to the new products, with front firing ports that enable you to position the speakers closer to walls, to wall-mounting brackets fitted straight to the bookshelf speakers.

All models are available in black ash or walnut finishes and, as mentioned, they're scheduled for a September release.

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I just have a soft spot for Kef dunno what it is but I love them, and think my IQ7 3 star wonders are better sounding than those awful looking monitor audio silver 6 things! ha ha

Yes Paul i know what you mean about the original 'C; series i still use a pair of C75 floorstanders today, though looking at the above price they may be replacing the later cresta series as way back in in the late 80's the 'c' series were more costly than the new 'C' series.

It's on "the latest Q range", which, as you say, is the XQ models.

The tangerine waveguide on the HF is not on the Q series as stated above, it's actually from the next range up, the XQ series. Just to confirm.

Have to say...these I want to hear more about. I loved the original C Series speakers from the 80's and if they are anything like them!. ps. like the looks too.