In the market for a new TV and looking to make sure you get the best price? This is the page for you. We've found the best TV deals on offer in the UK – from budget big-screen Full HD sets to the latest 4K Ultra HD TVs.

We'll be digging out the best prices on our Award-winning TVs, but we'll also be taking a look at the knockdown deals on other screens that might make you consider a three- or four-star television. And if we see a TV that hasn't been put to the test by our team but is too good a deal to ignore, we'll be sure to share that with you too...

With 4K TV now a genuine consideration for many people, with an increasing amount of 4K content now available, we've scoured the web to find the best prices on some of the best Ultra HD TVs you can buy right now. All brands and TV screen sizes have been considered, so there should be something for everyone. 

You can read our full reviews and click through to see the latest live prices on all the TV deals we've posted. Without further ado...

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Best HD TV deals

Philips 55PFS6609

Tested at £1200 / Best price £666

Excellent with HD, delivering bright and crisp pictures - well worth considering at this price.

Philips 55PFS6609 review / compare latest prices


Samsung UE48J6300

Tested at £700 / Best price £550

A superb performance from an affordable 2015 HD TV - Samsung has done it again.

Samsung UE48J6300 review / compare latest prices


Sony KDL-55W805C

Tested at £1100 / Best price £839

A vivid picture and decent smart features make this Sony 2015 HD TV worth considering - and now it's 200 quid cheaper.

Sony KDL-55W805C review / compare latest prices


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Best 4K TV deals

John Lewis 55JL9100

Tested at £1,200 / Best price £899

There's only one price, but it's a good 'un. Already a competent, four-star 4K TV when we reviewed it at the original price, this 55-inch John Lewis TV (pictured, top of page) is now on sale for 25% less. Making it even more tempting.

John Lewis 55JL9100 review / compare latest prices


LG 55UF950V

Tested at £2600 / Best price £1799

The 55in LG is one of the Korean giant’s premium 4K TVs and a decent option for those deciding that now is a good time to invest in 4K - which it is, especially at this price.

LG 55UF950V review / compare latest prices


Panasonic TX-40CX680B

Tested at £700 / Best price £579

This 40in television is a great advert for small 4K screens - colours are bright and punchy, and it boasts a speedy user interface. And it's only getting cheaper...

Panasonic TX-40CX680B review compare latest prices


Samsung UE48JU7000

Tested at £1250 / Best price £995

Impressive contrast and definition make this Samsung 4K TV an absolute must-see. 

Samsung UE48JU7000 review / compare latest prices


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Most popular TVs

Panasonic TX-40CX680B

Tested at £700 / Best price £579

This set is one of Panasonic's 2015 TVs and at 40inches, it's a great advert for small 4K screens - colours are bright and punchy, and it boasts a speedy user interface. Shop around online and you can already find it with a few pounds off our 'tested at' price.

Panasonic TX-40CX680B review compare latest prices


Panasonic TX-47AS650B

Tested at £800 / Best price £480

The price of this 2014 TV has basically been slashed in half, so you can see why it's one of the most popular reviews on the site. This Panasonic screen was a solid set at the time of the review and although newer models have launched since, it's a TV not to be sniffed at.

Panasonic TX-47AS650B review / compare latest prices


Samsung UE55JS8500

Tested at £2600 / Best price £1699

This curved 4K set is another triumph for Samsung - it's fantastic to watch and enjoyable to listen to.

Samsung UE55JS8500 review / compare latest prices


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Award-winning TVs

Samsung UE55HU7500

Tested at £2300 / Best price £1300

Want one of best 4K TVs on the market? This is it. Great with UHD content (if you can find some), this television crucially makes sure its picture looks class-leadingly good with HD and SD, too. "Nothing at this price" was the sum total of our Against column when we reviewed it, and now it's a grand cheaper...

Samsung UE55HU7500 review / compare latest prices


Samsung UE65HU7500

Tested at £3600 / Best price £1990

It's more of the same from the 65in version of the HU7500 range, with great picture performance with every resolution you throw at it (within reason, this is a big screen with a lot of pixels). 

Samsung UE65HU7500 review / compare latest prices 


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