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Beards / Linn / Magneplanar

Beard P100 mk2 amp running 4x KT88s

Beard P505 mk2 preamp

Linn LP12 Valhalla / Linn Ittock LVII / Linn Asaka

Lentek MC transformer

Magneplanar SMG speakers

Pioneer Laserdisc player for CDs

Sony Blu Ray player


Panasonic 42" plasma

I was previously using the Mission Cyrus M-Time home cinema amp with Mission 752 Freedoms, until the Beards and Maggies came along. Now it just keeps the TV off the floor, haven't found an AV rack which will accomodate everything- any suggestions??


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RE: Beards / Linn / Magneplanar

If you want wood. A firm like Chunky Monkey will build to your design




Or commission a local carpenter ?

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RE: Beards / Linn / Magneplanar

Hi Reevo, and welcome to the forum.

What a very interesting and unusual system you have there.

HiFi racks make good stuff and will make bespoke if necessary: http://www.hifiracks.co.uk/

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RE: Beards / Linn / Magneplanar

Lovely! Would love to hear the Beard on the end of some Maggies.

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RE: Beards / Linn / Magneplanar

Hello will you be interested in selling your m time ? message me if so tomalyo@gmail.com

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RE: Beards / Linn / Magneplanar

The Flickr ID for the photo above is...




You could try mailing them there?

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