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Worst subs ever

Went in tonight to see whats going wrong and why I haven't won a monthly prize yet.  The answer appears to be I have made some very poor subs. First for starting 11 with a very respectable 954 points, after making some ingenius subs throughout the year I have managed to net a rediculously lower total of 887!

With 3 liverpool defenders I am unlikely to have done well this week either...in my own little world I am however champ by virtue of best starting 11 (so far) and am taking this small consolation and going home (taking my ball with me!)


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Re: Worst subs ever

If it's  any consolation, I haven't made any subs yet am still going backwards (but then I did pick a group of donkeys!)

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Re: Worst subs ever

Just looked, and if i'd stuck to my starting XI i'd have 846 points at the moment, whereas i'm sitting pretty with 1139. Take that Alan Hansen.

Can you confirm i've won Month 6 ?


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