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recording streaming audio

hi, my question relates to how audio is recorded by my pc - i ask as i buying a new pc and wonder whether i need a (good) soundcard - the question is:

when i record streaming audio does it go through the soundcard before being recorded or is it recorded directly to the disc without passing through any soundcard processing?


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RE: recording streaming audio

What do you mean by 'record streaming audio'?

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RE: recording streaming audio

If you are recording streaming content from, say, the internet for example, it would go straight to your drive. it would only touch the sound card if you are playing it back; i.e. listening to it.


If you are recording from a device plugged in to your sound card then yes it would go through the sound card. 

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RE: recording streaming audio

On my Mac I use Audio Hijack Pro for this purpose. Apparently this is an alternative for PCs:


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