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Removing Static
Hello, I have a pair of M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 speakers connected via the 3.5 headphone socket of my laptop to the phono L+R line in socket on the speakers. They are great sounding speakers but have found there is a lot of static on the volume knob and most times when I turn up or down it cuts out to one side and sounds really muffled. Is there any way of removing the static build up as it is really irratating me when I adjust the volume.
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RE: Removing Static

Are you sure it is static electricity, or is it more a crackle from the volume control?  The latter is dust or dirt in the control and is a common problem in old or rarely used controls.

If they have been on a dusty table then I'd ask the dealer or MA what to do.  Brave souls open up products and use airjets or switch cleaner, but I'd not do so without experience.  Nervous types like me turn the kit off, unplug it all, then vigorously rotate the volume max to min repeatedly.  Then reconnect and if you're lucky - problem solved.


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