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Help! Turntable interference

Hi my turntable is picking up high frequency interference.

The setup is a Pro-Ject RPM5 connected via a Clearaudio phono stage to a Quad 99/909 combo. When I disconnect the turntable from the phono amp the signal vanishes. Trying different RCA cables between the deck and the phono stage, alter the pitch of the interference, but none of them cure the problem. Connecting an earthing lead makes no difference.

As the system is close to my AV equipment and wi-fi, I sequentially unplugged each component to see if this was the problem, but again no joy.

I'm at a loss, any ideas?

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Re: Help! Turntable interference

Nice idea, but it's not the phono stage - i've used the one in the Quad to rule out the Clearaudio being the source of the interference.

Anyone else got an idea. I'm wondering if it's mains interference, but i'm almost scared to type that after the threads i've been reading on here for the last few days!

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Re: Help! Turntable interference

Its a fast high pitch buzz with an erratic touch of static.

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Re: Help! Turntable interference

Firstly isolate the phono stage,keep it well away from any other electrical device.Make sure your interconnects from the turntable aren't touching the mains cables,keep them well away.check the grounding on the turntable,Check the cartridge tabs are making good contact.But it sound like the first two issues,isolate phono stage,and the cables arn't touching each other.

If this still fails,check the cartridge matches the setting of the phone stage.

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Re: Help! Turntable interference

 Quite possibly thw wireless router - but that will be a b*gger to solve

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