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2 arcam power amps together....advice please

Currently im bi amping with an alpha 8r on highs and a delta 290p on lows. I might get the chance to get a second 290p for not alot of money. So.... question is, I dont think there would be much merit in adding it to take over from the alpha doing the highs, and let the aplha act as a pure pre amp would there? I was thinking the best way would be to use the alpha as a pure pre, and give each speaker a 290p. Is this possible with the 290p, Im under the impression they can be used as a sort of mono-block with the tiny connectors they come with? ... how would I want to wire everything?


Any advice much appreciated.

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Re: 2 arcam power amps together....advice please

I'm pretty sure it can be done. Check out the Arcam web site they have lots of archived manuals on there. Hope this helps.

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Re: 2 arcam power amps together....advice please

You can just daisy-chain the 290Ps using the preamp output on the first power amp to the inputs on the second one.

But I think the limiting factor in such a system will be the quality of the 8R as a preamp. You might want to consider a better preamp as a next step - an Alpha 9C would be the obvious choice if a) you want to keep it all-Arcam and b) you can find one.

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