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Detachable Cord Headphones

Hello, been looking for some attractive pair of cans and the ones I have seen in my price range of around £50 have detachable cables.

Like the AKG 451, now, with this in mind, is there any quality loss by having a cable that can come out like having a join and can static and cables result in something that does not last long, also, what are the cables like on these things as I have seen on the Beats that build quality can varey and the cable screws in to the cans instead of plugs in, I would also like the cable to have an L-shaped plug for mobile use, cheers.

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RE: Detachable Cord Headphones

There's no universal rule. I found that Sennheiser's 580/600/650 were prone to micro-corrosion where the cable plugged in to the left and right earcups. Those were not made for frequent detaching, however. v-moda's detachable cables are straight plug-in and have no problems in my experience, but since they are easy to detach, I detach them every week or so and wipe off to make sure they're clean. The soundmagic HP200 and Sennheiser Momentum have similar plug-in detachables, but also have a lock to help keep the cable in. I don't see any problems with those. One thing to beware of (very important) are the screw-on adapter plugs to go from 3.5 mm to 6.5 mm - I've had loose connections with those so when I need 6.5 mm I use a snap-in type of good quality. It's never a good idea to buy really cheap cables and connectors.

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