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Eye strain

Oka so i keep it simple is there any scientific proof that a white ipad/iphone/ ipod touch can cause eye strain with the light reflecting or just in general use in doors etc? be great cos im tired of people telling me a white ipad can be bad for your eyes as poeple are putting me of getting a white one! 

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RE: Eye strain

There's no scientific proof that I'm aware of.

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RE: Eye strain

Just thought scientific evidence suggest wearing eye protection when skiing snowboarding, and 1 of the reasons why this is because sun reflect/sun rays refects of bright surfaces (snow which is white) so there for don't that mean having a white border would then reflect sun rays of and them in to your eyes which optimently can cause eye strain?

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RE: Eye strain

I don't think you should be looking at an iPad of any colour whilst skiing...

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RE: Eye strain

I didn't say that lol I was just making a point that if sun reflect of a white surface/ snow and can damage your eyes then that should apply to any white surface specially if your looking at it constantly in this case the ipad?

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RE: Eye strain

The only eyestrain issues I'm aware of are when using the Ipad as an ebook reader.


LED backlit displays are always going to suffer from this to a certain extent - thats one of the reasons why people buy e-readers like Kindle instead (or as well as).


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