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Tall Speaker Stands

Can anyone recommend some tall speaker stands, ideally 80cm in height.

Only ones I have found so far are pixel T80's; http://www.richersounds.com/product/speaker-stands-brackets/pixel/t80/pixe-t80-stand

These could well be fine for me, has anyone got them or some good alternatives.

Budget is less than £100


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I have a pair of T80 s under

I have a pair of T80 s under my monitor audio bronze 2s and find them perfectly fine .

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Tall speaker stands

I have a pair of T80's that I bought recently from Richer Sounds as I was looking for a speaker stand to bring the speakers up to approx. the height of my TV as I was not able to use wall brackets.

I have Monitor Audio Bronze 2's on mine and i am very happy with them - good quality and easy to assemble.

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