NEWS: BBC to put 81 years of programming online

Wed, 11 Jun 2008, 11:54am

Eastenders Title2

After the huge success of the iPlayer, the BBC has confirmed plans to make every episode of every single programme ever broadcast on the BBC, available to view online.

The content will be available either via the iPlayer, via commercial platform Kangaroo – an on-demand service being developed with ITV and Channel 4 – , or via a new online archive.

The ambitious project was outlined by Jana Bennett, the director of BBC Vision, at the Banff television festival in Canada.

She said: "Eventually we will add our programme back catalogue to produce pages for programming stretching back over nearly 80 years - featuring all the information we have on the richest TV and radio archive in the world."

Simon Nelson, who is overseeing the project, said: "These permanent pages will always direct the audience to the programme - wherever it may be on the web - first in iPlayer, then elsewhere on, or on iTunes, or on any number of other on-demand services including Kangaroo."

"Each page and clip will be promotional for that programme in perpetuity. They will offer the possibility of hits that go on and on - or are rediscovered when the time is right."

The project would be delivered within the existing budget of its digital arm, so shouldn't hopefully cause any further overspend... As a footnote, it was announced that more than 90 million programmes have been streamed or downloaded using the iPlayer since its inception.

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Great news, finally I get to watch that episode of Blake's 7 I missed when I was 10 when I got sent to bed for teasing the dog. With whinging broadband providers already pinning the blame on the BBC for thoughtlessly providing online content which paying broadband users selfishly stream to their PCs, thus clogging the creaking UK broadband infrastructure, isn't this actually going to break the internet? I think there'll be a lot of demand for this service. "Mais oui" as our more future-proofed cousins might say.

Yes, Jana... That's every single programme ever broadcast that you actually haven't junked over the last 30 years!

I bet it still doesn't cover the Old Grey Whistle Test.

Forget that Top of the Pops rubbish.

by the power of greyskull!

This has to be manna from heaven. Forget even the revered Old Grey Whistle Test. Let's salivate over "The Balladmakers Saturday Night".

Will we at last get to hear the fabulous Mc Cooeys?

Can't wait to see "The magic roundabout " again, how i miss those times.

he-man was itv  , as i'm sure magic roundabout was Sad  and  will this be programmes the bbc has made or also theve broadcast ? if its just bbc u can forget ulysses31 and battle of the planets Sad

Nope, The Magic Roundabout was definitely BBC.

Fantastic, does this mean I can get to watch It's a Knockout?

fawlty towers woo hoo

now all we need is a global iplayer, why broadcast in other European countries via cable/satellite and not allow people to use a website where there is the same programming on tv?

the bbc makes as much sense as pickled flavored ice cream,,,

i look forward to seeing the complete Doctor Who seasons for William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton then!

mring- when people from other countries start paying the BBC licence fee, they can watch all the shows we've paid for over the years Wink

that's the thing we are paying, via our cable company's.

so that statement on itself is flawed, as we are clearly paying the BBC to watch the bbc on cable.

and even worse for digital here is the cruddy BBC prime, people are PAYING for.

your tv license is cheap because the rest of Europe is paying for it.