We round up the best over-ear headphones to buy in 2015, from portable pairs to high-end home listening headphones, plus noise-cancelling and wireless cans.

While in-ear headphones make a lot of sense for portability, to get truly immersed in the music, we'd suggest over-ear headphones are the way forward.

While some of the biggest cans probably shouldn't be worn out and about, aimed squarely at the hi-fi home listener, others are more versatile - and the more stylish over-ear designs are increasingly popular for everyday use.

The 2014 What Hi-Fi? Awards ushered in seven winning pairs of on-ear and over-ear headphones, which coupled with some of our 2015 reviews, means we have plenty of headphones to recommend. We've divided our favourite over-ear headphones into portable and larger models, and in turn by price.

Best over-ear headphones under £100
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The AKG K550s have long been a favourite of ours and have won Awards for two years on the bounce. Last year it was in no small part thanks to a drop in price, which sees them available now for under £100, which is an absolute steal.

A chunky, solid build (which won't be for everyone) is backed-up by a spacious, detailed sound. You can wear them out and about, the closed-back design ensures they're not anti-social, but we'd say their bulk makes these better-suited to your home or office.  

Wherever you wear them, you'll get great sound for the money.

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Best over-ear headphones under £200
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The Fidelio M1MKIIs replace their MKI predecessor as our favourite portable on-ears under £200.

They keep the same impressive amounts of detail, but improve in virtually all other areas, namely precision, clarity and sense of space.

Philips has taken a winning formula, and made it even better.

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Also consider...
Best over-ear headphones under £300
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The SR325es are the first pair of third-generation Grado headphones, and with them, they bring a new generation of sound.

They're dynamic, balanced and well-detailed and hardly ever put a foot wrong. Their open-back design does lead to sound leakage, but it's because of this design that they sound so wonderful.

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Best over-ear headphones under £500
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Heads up for a real treat - if you want to enjoy great sound in pampering comfort all day long, give these a go.

We’ve long been acquainted with Shure’s great-sounding, comfortable headphones and it's business as usual with its new closed-back over-ear headphones.

Expansive, open and detailed sound is backed by a lightweight, comfortable fit. In the against column? Pretty much nothing.

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Best noise-cancelling headphones
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When it comes to noise-cancelling headphones, there can only really be one winner. Consistently proving to be the best option when it comes to blocking out unwanted noise, Bose once again prevails.

The Bose QC25s build on the QC15s long running success by improving sound quality and design to be the ultimate noise-cancelling package.

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Best wireless headphones
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Philips continues to hold on to its crown for the best wireless headphones, thanks to the new and improved M2BTs. They sound largely the same as the M1BTs, but that's no bad thing. They remain detailed and don't succumb to harshness often found in wireless headphones.

A few cosmetic changes and the addition of NFC kept the Philips Fidelio M2BTs well above the competition in time for last year's What Hi-Fi? Awards but new rivals such as the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless earphones will make things interesting this year... 

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