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Vivanco Aircoustic Studio Monitors review

For the most part they're great, but there's a hardness to the top-end which means you should take care Tested at £50.00

Our Verdict

Punchy, tight and precise, these buds also have a hard edge to their delivery that some won't like


  • Punchy, precise delivery
  • taut bass
  • clear vocals


  • Hardness - especially in the top end

You've got to be a little careful using a term like ‘Studio Monitors' as part of the name for a pair of in-ears, but it's indicative of how seriously the latest Aircoustic ‘phones want to be taken.

The understated, premium styling and build helps get the point across, as does the punchy delivery.

Drums snap precisely, basslines are as tight as tight can be, and vocals are brilliantly detailed, but there's also a hard and shouty quality to the delivery, particularly at the top end when stretched by busy, high-tempo sections of track.

They're capable, but to be approached with caution.

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