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Sennheiser MM60 review

Senneheiser's MM60s are open and controlled headphones, with a balanced sound. Remember they're open-backed though if you commute! Tested at £60.00

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

Open, balanced and controlled - these cans deliver the goods


  • Controlled, well-balanced sound
  • plenty of bass-weight


  • A tad anti-social if you commute

The MM 60s look like Sennheiser's PX 100s with a mic/control unit attached.

That's how they sound, too: open, balanced, controlled and detailed, with plenty of bass weight and depth.

They're open-backed, so a little anti-social on the train or bus, but if that's not how you commute, their all-round listenability makes them an easy recommendation.

The presence of Grado's iGrados means the PX 100s are rated at four stars, but Grado doesn't make 'phones with built-in mics, so we're happy to award the MM 60s the full five.

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General Information

Product NameSennheiser MM60