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Philips SHE9105 review

These Philips in-ears are an affordable and easy listen... Tested at £30

Our Verdict

A perfectly inoffensive and easy listen for the money, but the SoundMagic E10S are easily better at just £10 more


  • Rhythmic sound
  • Nice build
  • Cheap price


  • Not as detailed or dynamic as close rivals
  • Lack bass depth

For £30, the Philips SHE9105s are a decent bargain. For starters, they’re nicely made. In-ear headphones at this cheap end of the market tend to be unimpressive, but the SHE9105s are surprisingly robust.


The tiny aluminium ear buds fit comfortably (you get a choice of three tips), and the feather-light construction isn’t hard on your ears.

There’s nothing especially flashy about these in-ears, but you do get a mic and pause/play controls to use with your smartphone.


The SHE9105s sound fairly solid, but there’s little bass weight coming through. What they lack in depth and punch, they make up for with a breezy, nimble sense of rhythm.

I Monster’s Daydream in Blue sounds light and playful, although you do miss the song’s moodier aspects.

The top notes shine a little too bright, but the sound’s not particularly harsh. Detail is dished out with a light touch, but then again, we’re not expecting layers of subtlety at this price.

Dynamically, they’re limited. Instruments and voices are pushed to the front, but that upfront, immediate character makes them a straightforward listen.

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As long as you don’t mind the prominent treble, these Philips in-ears are perfectly fine for the money.

Just a tenner more, though, will give you the multiple Award-winning SoundMagic E10Ss, which are a considerable step up in dynamics, pep and detail. Choose wisely.

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General Information

Product NamePhilips SHE9105