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The Week in HD 18th-24th April

Good afternoon HD fans! As the end of the working week approaches us, it's time to pick out the hi-def highlights of the next seven days, writes Tom Parsons.

As always, if you agree or disagree with my picks, or simply want to suggest something that I've missed, just make a comment below.

Friday 18th April

In terms of movies, tonight's top-pick has got to be sci-fi classic The Matrix (Sky Screen 1HD, 8.00pm). If you've not seen it before, it really is terrific (just don't bother with the sequels), and if you've already seen it on DVD, the added HD visuals should be enough to convince you to watch it again.

If you don't fancy sci-fi, the love-it-or-hate-it The Da Vinci Code (Sky Screen 2HD, 9.00pm) is the most obvious alternative. Unless of course, you're sticking with the quite brilliant new series Dirty Sexy Money (Channel 4 HD, 9.00pm).

On the games front there's little to shout about. EA has released UEFA Euro 2008 on both the Xbox 360 and PS3, but that's your lot I'm afraid.

Saturday 19th April

Today's HD content kicks-off with Arsenal v. Reading (Sky Sports HD1, 12.30pm), and continues with a boat-load of decent movies. Take your pick this evening between Last King of Scotland (Sky Screen 2HD, 9.00pm), Talladega Nights (Sky Screen 1HD, 9.30pm), and the criminally overlooked Shawshank Redemption (Channel 4 HD, 9.05pm).

Sunday 20th April

It's football all the way today, with Newcastle v. Sunderland (Sky Sports HD1, 1.00pm) and Man City v. Portsmouth (Sky Sports HD1, 3.30pm) both likely to provide some thrills.

Monday 21st April

Tonight's fairly quiet in terms of TV movies, but I Am Legend is released on Blu-ray. There's a little bit of debate around the office with regards to how good the film really is, but I fall on the side that thinks it's great, and it simply cannot be denied that it's a stunning advert for Blu-ray, as the picture and soundtrack are both exceptional.

Tuesday 22nd April

There are no decent films on tonight, but that's probably for the best, as they'd only be competing with the wonderful Battlestar Galactica (Sky One HD, 9.00pm). The only problem is that after the last two weeks of feature-length installments, we've got to make do with single episodes from this point on. Still, given the level of intensity this series provides, perhaps that's wise!

Wednesday 23rd April

Tonight sees Man U take on Barcelona at the Nou Camp in the first leg of their Champions League semi final (Sky Sports HD2, 7.00pm).


Heroes returns with two episodes tonight (BBC HD, 9.00pm and 10.30pm), so if you've been wondering what happened to Peter Petrelli at the end of season 1, the wait is nearly over.

If you're not a fan of the superhero show, how about Bobby (Sky Screen 2HD, 7.00pm) or Blood Diamond (Sky Screen 2HD, 11.00pm) instead?

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