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Want cheap AirPods? Save 75% on these Enacfire wireless earbuds at Amazon

Want cheap AirPods? These Enacfire wireless earbuds are just £25 at Amazon
(Image credit: Encafire)

There are cheap AirPods alternatives and there are cheap AirPods alternatives – and this, our friends, is an example of the latter.

The Enacfire G20 true wireless earbuds you see above have plummeted to just £25.50 as one of Amazon's Deals of the Day. And they will only be that price until 11:55pm tonight.

Formerly £100 (albeit more recently available for £40), these Enacfires are almost 75 per cent off thanks to this new Amazon deal. So, what are you waiting for?

Enacfire G20 wireless earbuds £100 £25.50 at Amazon
Save a ridiculous 75 per cent on these true wireless Bluetooth earbuds, which come with a mic, portable charging case, and the promise of 48-hour total battery life and water resistance.View Deal

While we haven't tested these headphones, they put ticks in a lot of boxes. For one, they promise a grand total of 48 hours battery life – the buds hold eight hours while it's claimed the charging case provides the rest. IPX8 water resistance means they should survive a rain shower, while Bluetooth 5.0 support means they sport some of the latest wireless technology around.

The positive customer reviews don't hurt these Enacfire's case, either.

Their sheer affordability has us doubting they'd sonically match up to the more expensive budget wireless earbuds we've tested, of course, but if your budget is extremely tight and you're after convenience as much as anything, how wrong could you possibly go here...


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