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US NEWS: Amazon launches Cloud Drive storage and streaming service

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon has launched its Cloud Drive storage and streaming service in the US.

The service gives you access to a 'hard disk in the cloud' where you can remotely store music, videos, photos and documents.

You can then access and play content via the Cloud Player for Web on any internet-connected computer or Cloud Player for Android on an Android mobile.

The Cloud Drive gives you 5GB of free storage, with more available - up to 1000GB - if you pay an annual subscription.

Purchased content from Amazon won't count as part of your storage allowance, and if you buy an album from Amazon you'll get 20GB of free storage for a year from the date of purchase.

Cloud Player for Web allows you to access and playback your tunes on any web-connected computer, while the Amazon MP3 for Android app will give you similar access on your Android phone or tablet using the integrated Cloud Player for Android feature.

Launched in the US today, there's as yet no news on UK availability for Amazon's Cloud Drive.

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