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TEAC reveals PE-505 phono preamplifier at CES 2020

TEAC reveals PE-505 phono amplifier at CES 2020
(Image credit: Future)

It's pretty hard to find any new hi-fi at CES nowadays but in one corner of what's left of the high-end audio area we did spot a new TEAC phono preamplifier, the PE-505.

Due on sale this spring, for an as yet unspecified but probably not cheap amount, it's a dual mono phono stage that supports balanced (MC) and unbalanced (MM/MC) inputs from your turntable. The TEAC PE-505 uses differential amplifier circuitry throughout, whether fed a balanced or unbalanced signal.

A TEAC stack, alongside Focal speakers, at CES 2020

A TEAC stack, alongside Focal speakers, at CES 2020 (Image credit: Future)

The phono stage has a knob for selecting the RIAA correction circuit, as well as old EQ curves reportedly used on Decca and Columbia classic vinyl releases, effectively adjusting the tone of the amplifier in line to best suit certain records. There's also a control for adjusting load impedance and capacity to suit your cartridge, and a mono output function.

A compact design, there's an analogue gauge in the centre of the front aluminium fascia and a set of unbalanced and balanced inputs and outputs around the back. Available in black and silver, the TEAC PE-505 is due on sale in spring 2020.