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Sonos and IKEA rumoured to unveil new speakers in three weeks

Sonos and IKEA to unveil hidden 'wall art speaker' in June

IKEA could to unveil its new range of Symfonisk Sonos speakers on 14th June, according to a leaked document shared on Reddit and spotted by ExecutiveTraveller. The document, which appears to be an internal IKEA marketing calendar, pegs a "SYMFONISK Virtual Press Event" for "June 14".

This will be the second time IKEA and Sonos have collaborated on a range of smart speakers. Back in 2019, the furniture giant and the multi-room audio maestro launched the Symfonisk table lamp with WiFi (£150, $179, AU$269) and Symfonisk WiFi bookshelf speaker (£89, $99, AU$149).

This time we're expecting an updated 'speaker-lamp' that looks broadly the same as its predecessor but with updated Sonos smarts. IKEA is also rumoured to be prepping an all-new 'wall art' speaker, designed to hide behind a framed artwork of your choice.

To add fuel to the fire, ExecutiveTraveller claims that "many IKEA stores around the world" are marking down the current speaker-lamp by as much as 50 per cent to make way for the updated model. Sadly, that doesn't appear to be the case on the company's UK website

We're big fans of the original Symfonisk Sonos devices, which offer an affordable way to add Sonos multi-room smarts to your home. They did lack Amazon/Google voice assistant compatibility, though, so perhaps the new models will address that.

We should know soon. The leaked calendar shows the Symfonisk Virtual Press Event sandwiched between two influencer campaigns, one of which is titled 'Renocation' (a portmanteau of 'renovation' and 'vacation'). If the calendar is a fake, someone has gone to an awful lot of trouble to familiarise themselves with IKEA marketing jargon...


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