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NEWS: Sennheiser's 'best ever' in-ear headphones

Sennheiser says its new CX 95 earphones are the best it's ever made, combining as they do a new ergonomic design, effective noise-isolation and a metal/composite hybrid construction.

The new in-ear design, which sells for £80, makes use of advanced drive units, while the shape of the earpieces is all about comfort and a reliable fit.

The forward-angled arm ensures the cable is routed to the ear from the front, while a choice of three sizes of soft silicone rubber ear adapters gives both a snug fit and good passive attenuation of external noise.

The cables have been redesigned to reduce handling noise, and the system is designed for high efficiency to maximise the battery life of the players to which it is connected.

The package includes an extension cable with a right-angle plug, and a protective hard case.

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