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NEWS: Monster moves to end HDMI worries

Monster Cable, not exactly a stranger to smart marketing ideas, has launched a new scheme designed to allay the worries of HDMI cable buyers. Its Cable for Life promise, available on selected models from the company's forthcoming range, guarantees to replace the cable if changes in HDMI capability create compatibility problems.

The guarantee covers selected models in the Monster Advanced HDMI range, including the 1000HD cable due in October. The company says that "If a cable, offered with the Cable For Life program, ever fails to support a component incorporating future generations of HDMI, Monster will replace the cable at no charge."

It adds that "Even Monster's current cables are good for TrueHD and 1080p, but not for future 120 Hz displays. They will not meet the needs of tomorrow. However, Monster's new cables are designed for 'Higher Definition-full HD and beyond.'"

Company founder Noel Lee, aka the Head Monster, says that "Monster Cable is the only company to offer an HDMI performance guarantee of this kind, so purchasers have total confidence in their HDMI cable purchase."

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