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NEWS: Ixos iPod dock has built-in FM radio

Want an iPod dock with built-in FM radio? The Ixos XMI318 Argo is now available from HMV online for £50.

Designed for use in smaller rooms, on holiday or out in the garden, it has mains and battery power, 2 x 6w amplification and four speakers housed within the slimline cabinet.

It will work with all iPods apart from the Shuffle, syncs and charges the iPod via its dock connector, and includes an FM radio with digital tuner.

A mains adaptor, 3.5mm-3.5mm and USB connection cables and interchangeable dock cartridges are supplied as standard. There's also an auxiliary 3.5mm stereo input for hooking up non-iPod portable music players.

If you want to run it off battery power, you'll need six AA batteries (not supplied).

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