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NEWS: Intempo DAB is ideal for on-the-go

Looking to strike that balance between bedside and portable, the new Intempo TRS is a lightweight, diminutive DAB/FM radio.

Available in five different colours, Intempo is hoping to attract an audience who want a compact, stylish portable radio for on the move.

The TRS weighs in at just 40g and boasts super-slim dimensions, measuring just 4cm deep, 21 cm across and 10cm tall. Crucially it can be powered by batteries as well as by the mains, meaning you can take it out hunting, shooting, fishing... or perhaps just down the park.

Claiming simple usability as a key function, the TRS range boasts an auto tune function plus room to store up to 20 preset radio stations. There's also a 3.5mm line input for listening to a portable music player.

As we mentioned it's available in five "deeper, richer colours", which Intempo reckons will appeal to both male and female consumers. Those colours are violet, claret, deep blue, black and silver.

If you want the silver TRS you should know it's exclusive to John Lewis, while the deep blue model can only be found at and Dixons stores. The rest of the range will be at Argos and Amazon.

Wherever you go, it should be just £40. Look out for a review in our January issue.

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