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NEWS: Eclipse hatches a new desktop amp/speaker system

This is the new Mk2 version of the Eclipse TD307PA speaker system, designed as a desktop set-up for use with iPods, MP3 players and computers. Drawing on the design of the £4000 TD712z near-field monitor, it has a cabinet that's 40% larger than that used for the original TD307, a faster full-range driver, a new zinc alloy internal construction, and an improved stand allowing 360 degree rotation of the speaker.

As with other Eclipse speakers, the single-driver design means there's no need for a crossover, giving a cleaner, more direct sound, and the egg-shaped enclosure is chosen for its rigidity.

The enclosure floats free of the drive unit, which is mounted on an internal 'anchor' to provide mechanical grounding, The speakers can be used on the stands, which turn into wall-brackets if required, and can be bought as a pair come complete with the TD310 MikII amplifier, which now has two inputs - one on stereo phono sockets, the other on a 3.5mm stereo mini-jack socket. This striking-looking amp stands just 15.4cm tall, and delivers 2x12W.

The TD307II speakers come in white, black (below) or silver, and cost £130 each, with the amp costing £200. The complete amp and speakers package is £400, saving £60.

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