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Loewe Subwoofer 300 drives surround speaker system

The Loewe Subwoofer 300 delivers 75W to each extra channel, so you can configure a 3.1 system (with the TV acting as the centre speaker) using external left and right speakers hooked up to the sub.

Or if you really want to go for it, how about two subs to create a 5.2 cinema system with one sub driving the front L/R speakers, and another the rears?

Audio decoding of your source material is handled by the sub, which uses one active driver delivering 150W of built-in amplification, plus two passive radiators, to deliver the bass (the .1 in a surround sound mix).

Loewe has paid particular attention to build quality, with the top of the unit comprising a 6mm thick aluminium plate with no visible screws or external fixings.

In addition, the company says its audio engineers have “paid meticulous attention to creating an harmonious sonic balance between the Subwoofer 300 and other Loewe speakers.”

There are analogue line-in and digital audiolink connections on the back, with cables supplied, plus left and right speaker terminals. The Loewe Subwoofer 300 is available now for £595.