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LG launches Hi-Fi music service with free hi-res downloads

The LG "Hi-Fi music service" will offer two free 24-bit/192kHz downloads each month via the LG SmartWorld app or LG World website.

It may not seem the most obvious fit at first glance but LG was in fact the first company to bring 24/192 hi-res audio support to smartphones, with the launch of the G2 back in 2013.

The G2, G Flex 2, G3 and G4 all now support hi-res audio and it's these phones - and only these LG phones - that support the new music service.

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Hi-res compatible phones from other brands, such as various products in the Sony Xperia range, aren't able to use the service or get the free tracks.

If you do have an LG phone, as well as the two free Hi-Fi tracks each month, you'll have "the option to purchase songs at up to 50 per cent off the regular price".

The Hi-Fi category on the LG World website is currently showing a handful of tracks available for download.

Head to LG World for more details.

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