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Jamo's Concert 9 II Series speakers start at $550 a pair

Jamo's Concert 9 II Series speakers start at $550 a pair

Having given its long-standing Studio 8 speaker range an update last year, Jamo is now turning its attention to its Concert 9 series.

The Concert 9 II Series consists of two floorstanding speakers (the C 97 II and C 95 II), two standmounters (the C 93 II and C 91 II), a centre speaker (the C 9 CEN II) and a dedicated, dipole surround speaker (the C9 SUR II), each with Hybrid Composition Conical Cone (HCCC) main drivers and silk dome tweeters.

Those HCCC drivers boast a stiff-compliant-stiff (SCS) sandwich construction that apparently results in a performance that's clean, clear and resonance-free, even when the speakers are being driven hard, while the silk dome tweeter is said to be crisp without sounding harsh and, thanks to an Anti-Diffraction WaveGuide, less restricted to a sweet spot than many speakers.

Jamo's Concert 9 II Series speakers start at $550 a pair

Jamo has also clearly put a lot of thought into how the Concert 9 II Series speakers look, with magnetic grilles, satin painted MDF baffles with a rounded finish, polished chrome logos and cast metal stabiliser feet all featuring. The standard finish is furniture-grade, scratch-resistant Black Ash, but if you're quick you can alternatively specify a limited-edition White Oak version.

Jamo Concert 9 II Series prices:

  • Jamo C 91 II standmounter - $550 (pair)
  • Jamo C 93 II standmounter - $700 (pair)
  • Jamo C 95 II floorstander - $1100 (pair)
  • Jamo C 97 II floorstander - $1650 (pair)
  • Jamo C 9 CEN II centre - $450
  • Jamo C 9 SUR II surround - $775 (pair)


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