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Hi-fi deal: Save £200 on Award-winning Naim streaming system this month

Hi-fi deal: Save £200 on Award-winning Naim Uniti Atom streamer this month

Any savings, however small, on a current What Hi-Fi? Award winner is worth acknowledging. So how about a decent £200 off our favourite hi-fi system over £1000?

Several UK Naim retailers – Sevenoaks, Peter Tyson and Audiovisual – are currently offering the just-add-speakers Uniti Atom for £1799. The deal will end on 30th April.

Fancy bagging yourself an Easter treat in the form of this streaming superstar? You can click through to the participating retailers in the box below.

At its typical £1999 price, we awarded the Atom system a full five stars (and an Award) for its enormous talent, both as a music streamer and amplifier. 

Features-wise, it has everything but the kitchen sink. As well as being able to play USB-stored music and pick up media on your network, the Uniti Atom benefits from having Google Chromecast, Tidal, Spotify Connect and Internet radio built in, with further wireless connection available via AirPlay and Bluetooth aptX HD.

And when it comes to performance, the Atom's sonics are just as versatile as the system's feature set. It demonstrates class-leading clarity and insight (substantially more than its predecessor, the UnitiQute 2), precise, regimental, timing and impressive scale and dynamic range.


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