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Here's the best way to buy an Echo Dot on Amazon Prime Day

Echo Dot + 6 months FREE Music Unlimited now $18.99 on Prime Day
(Image credit: Amazon)

If ever you were going to buy an Echo Dot, this Prime Day deal is the time to do it. 

Not only can you save 62 per cent on the price of the Echo Dot, now $18.99 down from $40, but you also get six months of FREE Amazon Music Unlimited. That's half a year's music streaming worth $60, absolutely free.

This is the third-gen Echo Dot, complete with the Alexa voice assistant. Amazon's voice-activated personal assistant is one of the best around, letting you control your TV, heating, lighting, coffee machine and more all just by speaking. It can also read you news reports, weather updates, traffic, trivia, jokes and all the rest. All you have to do is ask.

Considering the device was quite a bargain even at full price, this is an incredible Prime Day deal.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) + 6 months' music $49.99 $18.99
Amazon's little hockey puck-shaped smart speaker is its best selling Echo device – one listen and you'll see why. It's small enough to easily move between rooms, and the unobtrusive design will suit any decor. The sound isn't half bad for the size, either. Plus six months' Amazon Music Unlimited, too.View Deal

You can also pair the Echo Dot with other Echo devices to create a stereo or multi-room set-up. And with the Drop In feature, you can quickly make an announcement to all the Echo speakers in the house without having to raise your voice. "Hey everyone, dinner's ready!"

As for Amazon Music Unlimited, the solid Spotify rival is a pretty good music service, offering a strong catalogue of tunes that sound decent (more subtle than Spotify, even) and playable on almost every device. Not a bad freebie indeed.


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