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Dali unveils new Opticon speaker range, prices start from £499

On sale in September, the new range features a total of seven different models, all of which borrow technology from Dali's Epicon and Rubicon series.

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The line-up kicks off with the Opticon 1 (£499) and Opticon 2 (£649) standmounters, both of whch feature Dali's SMC (Soft Magnetic Compound) magnet system. The former uses a 26mm soft-dome tweeter and 12cm wood-fibre woofer compared to a 28mm tweeter and 16.5cm woofer on the latter.

Opticon 5 (£999) is the first floorstander in the range and sees the introduction of Dali's hybrid soft-dome/ribbon tweeter alongside a 16.5cm woofer. Opticon 6 (£1199) is a taller floorstander, with dual 16.5cm woofers.

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Opticon 8 (£1999) is the flagship of the Opticon range and ups the ante (and cabinet volume) with a couple of larger 20cm woofers. All the floorstanders in the range can be biwired.

Finally, you can also create a surround sound set-up via the Opticon Vokal (£429) centre speaker and the Opticon LCR (£429 each) - the latter has the option of being wall-mounted and features a rotating tweeter section so it can be used as either a front, rear or centre speaker.

There's a choice of Silk Matte White, Black or Walnut finishes with high-gloss white or black front baffles depending on the cabinet finish.

We've enjoyed many Dali speakers over the years, from the excellent Ikon 6 Mk2 5.1 package to the Ikon 1 Mk2 bookshelf speakers, so we look forward to hearing the new Opticons in action.

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