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CES 2018: Samsung to unveil wall-mountable NW700 Sound+ soundbar

While the spotlight at Samsung’s stand at CES 2018 will likely shine the brightest (literally and figuratively) on the company’s much-anticipated next wave of QLED TVs, the first 2018 AV product out of Samsung’s pressroom gate is a new wall-mountable soundbar.

The Korean tech giant will unveil the NW700 Sound+, which is designed to sit directly beneath a wall-mounted TV.

At 53.5mm deep, it’s 41% shallower than its predecessor, the MS650 Sound+. Yet Samsung has still managed to cram a subwoofer inside to accompany the mid/bass drivers and wide-range tweeters.

It also boasts distortion-cancelling technology, which predicts distortion naturally resulting from speaker movement and makes necessary adjustments to combat it.

The NW700 Sound+ also supports three sound modes: the more commonplace ‘standard’ and ‘surround’, and a more unusual ‘smart’ mode which automatically adjusts volume and surround-sound effects based on what you're watching.

Further details are thin on the ground, but if the NW700 Sound+ is anything like its predecessor it’ll also boast wi-fi streaming, wireless connection to an appropriate Samsung TV and compatibility with Samsung’s Wireless Surround Kit.

We only hope its success can (at least) match that of the brand's four-star HW-MS750, which we recently hailed Samsung's best soundbar yet.


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