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Burmester announces "several" core hi-fi and Reference Line products for 2021

Burmester 777
(Image credit: Burmester)

To commemorate Burmester's late founder, Dieter Burmester, who would have turned 75 yesterday, Burmester Audiosysteme GmbH is announcing several new products to be released in 2021. 

What's new on the menu? Plenty, actually. Burmester is promising a slew of "new products such as music centres, power amplifiers, and a new turntable".

In addition, Burmester states that its existing product lines, such as the Burmester Reference Line, will be "complemented and rounded off with new loudspeaker models". 

In 2020, the German high-end audio specialist presented the five-star premium surround sound system for the  Porsche 911 and now the firm is concentrating its energies on its core products: hi-fi separates for the home. 

In lieu of new imagery (and to showcase Burmester's impressive history) the photo above is of the first ever Burmester product, the Burmester 777 – a preamp Dieter Burmester built himself from parts of medical machines and so-named because it was released on the seventh month in the year 1977. In 2007, the firm even released a 30th anniversary update in its honour, the Burmester 077. (Did we like it? Oh, you could say that. In our review, we concluded, "If you can afford it, buy it right now.")

With High End Munich postponed until September this year for obvious reasons, we may miss out on a May reveal from Burmester – but of course, it's not impossible. 

"Dieter Burmester was a perfectionist who developed his components with a technical precision that is still unbeaten today," said Marianne Burmester, the company's managing director, adding, "Our ambition is to continue this uncompromising approach on behalf of delivering true sound." 


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