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BRISTOL NEWS: Come and meet Alfie and his new friends

We've reported on Roth's new Alfie iPod dock before, but if you want to see it in action it's here on the Roth/Fatman stand at the Bristol Sound and Vision Show.

Just in case you missed our original story, here's a recap: Alfie is a CD/DVD player, iPod dock, FM/AM radio and clock/alarm with 2.1 amplification and speakers all rolled into one very stylish unit. It's all yours for £400.

And if you're not an iPod user, there's an aux in for connecting other portable music players. Want to know more? You can read our original story here.

If Alfie is a bit too futuristic for you, Fatman has a range of valve amplifier docks on offer including the forthcoming Fatman 452, pictured below. It's due out in April for around £1299.


Max output power: 45Wx2

Frequency response: 20-20KHz (Ò1.0dB)

Distortion: <1%

Signal to noise ratio: >86dB

Input sensitivity: 210mV

Input impedance: 100K ohms

Output impedance: 4 ohms /8 ohms

Size: L42 x W26.5 x H15.4 cm

Weight: 23.0 Kgs /

Vacuum Tube: 6L6G x 4,12AX7 x 5

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