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Audioengine A2+ Wireless speakers deliver affordable desktop streaming

We've been fans of Audioengine's desktop speakers for some time now, so we're happy to report there's now a new addition to the family. 

The A2+ Wireless are a Bluetooth version of the A2+ speakers, and keep the familiar design but add an aptX Bluetooth 5.0 receiver for streaming music.

Traditionally the company has delivered compact, budget speakers that pack a bigger punch than you might expect from looking at them. The A2+ Wireless, which will go on sale for $269, look very much to be cut from the same cloth.

They use the same custom components, such as Aramid fibre drivers, silk tweeters and hand-crafted cabinets. There's a dual class AB amplifier inside, and Audioengine claims 30 watts peak power per channel.

As well as Bluetooth there are 3.5mm, RCA and USB inputs alongside an RCA line out. Standing 6 x 4 x 5.25 inches (HWD), they're aiming to find a home in a smaller room or on a desk.

The A2+ Wireless are due on sale any day now.


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